Start your own Offshore Dev Center using Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model

Explore the firstatom BOT Advantage

  Build - your own dedicated offshore software development / operations team
  Operate - your team in a dedicated area in our facility. Work through agile and other quick-to-market methodologies.
  Transfer - team to your company starting 36 months (accelerated options available)
  Start with as small as a 4 member team & grow at your own pace
  Faster and lower risk option compared to setting up your own facility from Day 1. Take advantage of firstatom's local India Expertise.

The BOT model offers several advantages - you retain your IP when you Tranfer your team over, you decide the team and pay structures from day 1 during the Build phase. Choose the CostPlus option to avoid any surprises with hourly billing model that is followed by many Consulting partners.

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Our Services

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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model to setup your ODC and get the advantage of retaining your IP. Go for fixed cost options avoid surprises.

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Application Development & Maintenance

Build custom solutions using Application, BI & MobileComputing centers of excellence. Extended Offshore teams to help achieve 24x7 development & customer support.

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Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Architecture services to Engineer Key Initiatives and adopt best practices across Enterprise. Business Transformation through Technology.

Services We Also Provide

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Enterprise Data Governance

Data governance flows and rules to help manage and improve data quality across the Enterprise.

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Master Data Management Solutions

Deep domain expertise in implementing various Customer, Product and Vendor MDM Solutions.

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Business Intelligence for BigData

Data preparation solutions for BigData data-sources to help with seamless integration into BI presentation tools.

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Product Engineering

Extensive expertise with building software products ground-up using open source technologies.

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Software Design

Pre-build Web 2.0 & Ajax based solutions to help quicken the time to market and avoid major risks.

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Cloud Architecture

Microsoft Azure expertise to help architect and implement Cloud solutions to start the journey to the new era.

Offshoring gives the TimeZone Advantage & Cost Savings

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30% CAGR - projected growth of Cloud computing market


Predicted growth of Big data analytics market - 23% CAGR


Mobile commerce as a percentage of overall US eCommerce market


Global IoT market is projected to be $14.4T by 2022

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Firstatom is strategically located in Hyderabad India with some of the top Companies from around the world in the immediate vicinity.
Combining team members with deep expertise in IT industry and finance & HR teams having extensive local knowledge helps create the perfect mix for success.

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